Deck Safety Inspection

Deck Safety Inspection

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If you have concerns over the current condition of your deck, don’t take chances with the safety of your family and friends. Please contact Archadeck today to schedule a comprehensive deck safety inspection at 757-460-3538 or email [email protected]

BE SAFER with a Deck Safety Inspection by Archadeck

Don’t become a grim statistic. In a six-year period there were:

  • 179 deck failures
  • 1,122 people were injured
  • 33 were killed
  • Remove debris regularly during construction, keeping your deck and yard clean and accident-free for the duration of the building time.
  • Align deck wood to run perpendicular to normal traffic patterns. This greatly decreases the chance of bare feet getting splinters and/or slipping.
  • Use trimmings to keep board ends from snagging clothes or causing scrapes. As an added bonus, this keeps your deck looking stylish and well-kept.

Deck Safety is No Accident

Ensure that your deck is safe by following these tips and suggestions from Archadeck Outdoor Living.

Look at the condition of your deck boards. Most wood will show some cracks and splits over time, but is the general condition of the boards good, or are the boards splintering and unsafe to walk on?

Every Connection
A deck should be built using a variety of fasteners and metal hardware connectors to create a continuous pathway to ensure deck stability and safety. Check to see if the appropriate fasteners and connectors were used when constructing the deck. The condition of the hardware used and if any of it need to be replaced?

If visible, look at the posts, beams and joists that provide the structural framework of the deck. What is their condition? Is there any noticeable sagging between supports?

The attachment of the deck to the house (at an area called the house band) is the area where most deck failures occur. Pay special attention to this area and check to make sure that the deck is properly attached to the house band with appropriate screws or bolts and that it is properly flashed for water protection. Nails should never be used for this type of attachment.

Foundation / Footings
The foundation / footings receive and support the weight (also known as the load) on a deck and the columns that bear on them. A footing that is sinking may cause a noticeable sag in an area or a column separating from a beam.

Check the areas where people exit from the deck. These exits usually involve stairs so be sure to check the condition of the material used on the stair stringers, stair treads and risers.

Look at the condition of the rail posts and sections of railing on the deck to make sure that the railing is secure. Check to make sure that the pickets/balusters are fastened securely and spaced no more than four inches apart.

At Archadeck Outdoor Living, we pride ourselves on providing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our decks are built to 40-60% safer than building codes require, because we want our customers to be safe. We don’t believe in the bare minimum – we go above and beyond to deliver the best deck for you.

Safety is Our Number One Priority

Deck safety is very important. A carefree evening to enjoyable family get-together can be ruined in a moment by a sudden injury. To do our part in keeping you safe, we:

We’ve Got You Covered

An in-depth warranty covers your deck for five years, and all craftsmanship for up to one year. We carry liability insurance on every job we undertake, so you can rest at east knowing that, even in the worst scenario, you are protected. Our “safety first” attitude doesn’t stop with insurance and on-paper protection. As stated, we build far past the minimum requirements of local and national building codes. We want to satisfy our customers and our own rigorous standards of quality and security.

Working Together

We’re on the same team as our clients. You can help improve deck safety by monitoring all activity – especially children – on the deck and properly maintaining your outdoor living space. By working together, we can keep everyone safe.

There is no better deck for safety than one built by Archadeck Outdoor Living. We don’t believe in cutting any corners, especially where our clients are concerned. Let Archadeck build your dream deck with maximum safety in mind – because that’s what we do.

Learn more about deck safety and contact us today at 757-460-3538 to schedule your free deck inspection.

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